Rideable Enderdragon

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Spawned a new dragon? Wanna learn how to ride it? Well here you go! A tutorial of how to ride the ender dragon! One of Minecraft's most famous questions ANSWERED!


Project 7 A

Step 1:

First grab the following materials:

(As a theme, we will be building in the end.)


Project 7 B

Step 2:

Next, Place down 1 command block, and right-click it so we can enter the command.


Project 7 C

Step 3:

Then, type in the following command into the block:

1.13 and up

execute at @e[type=minecraft:ender_dragon] run tp @e[type=minecart] ~ ~5 ~

1.12 and lower

execute @e[type=Minecraft:ender_dragon] ~ ~ ~ tp @e[type=minecart] ~ ~5 ~

Make sure the block is at repeated and always active.


Project 7 D

Step 4:

Finally, place down a rail somewhere near the command block and place a minecart on the rail. It should disappear, teleporting above the ender dragon.

Note: This will not work unless the ender dragon and minecart are in range of the command block placed.

Additional Note: On Pocket Edition/Windows 10, I encountered a bug where the ender dragon became invisible when using this trick. I do not know If the bug is still intact.