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Owned by GamerTeacher_ / Gaming Steps

Minecraft Steps is a online website that teaches you how to play Minecraft that no other website has. That said, Minecraft Steps has a set of rules and requirements in order for the best experience.

Basic Rules

1.) No bullying or teasing. Respect other consumers as they respect you.

2.) No hacking allowed. In order for everyone to enjoy, we need you to keep away from the dark side of computers.

3.) Standard rules of online safety applied. Review the online safety rules if you are unaware.

4.) Suggestions are always accepted. Please try not complain to harshly, but you have the right to express your opinion.

5.) Remember to have fun and explore wisely!

Basic Requirements

1.) You must be able to read fluent English as all projects are in that language. You can use google translator if you don’t know it fully or completely.

2.) Basic reading and math skills are required in order to understand the projects completely.

3.) Minecraft is a kids’ game, so you are allowed to be under 13, but we recommend parent supervision when browsing in the forums or other social services.

4.) We ask you have an adblocker if you are under 18 and also if you think you want to evade ads. This is not required, but highly recommended.

Please obey these rules in order to keep you and others safe when joining Minecraft steps.